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finally put up a facebook page for Perfect [FIT] Studios here.

So go and like…but only if you like..

On a different behind-the-scenes type note, here’s a kickstarter page for a new camera slider for smooth dolly shots. looks promising… awhile back I supported the cineskates kickstarter project, got some cineskates and ended up winning a GoPro Camera with a video I made using them. btw, entered their new contest here so go and vote but only if you like…:)

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Introducing Maddie

[vimeo 44997726]

When Maddie meets Siri. A custom video made for Maddie’s first birthday. Some people call is a concept video. Wasnt sure what the script was going to be exactly but just ended up getting a bunch of footage and wrote a lot of the lines later.

Happy Birthday Maddie!

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