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Batman Cyberex Commercial

Batman & Cyberex TVC from Perfect[FIT]Studios on Vimeo. Been editing commercials lately. Here’s a recent one that aired. Supposedly was playing on a screen in Times Square.

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Boomco and an Unboxing

Edited these product demos here for Mattel’s BoomCo.   Rhino Carbon Core Unboxing from Perfect[FIT]Studios on Vimeo. also did this unboxing of Rhino‘s Carbon slider which is light and portable and most importantly… smooth..

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a Kickstarter and a Flower Girl

shot this kickstarter for our friends at if it doesnt make you laugh then… i dont know. maybe you’ll enjoy this better? Flower Girl from Perfect[FIT]Studios on Vimeo. … a wedding from the POV of the flower girl.

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